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Contested Texts/Contested Mores Introduction to Fi
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This is the discussion board for the Introduction to Fiction course, Contested Texts/Contested Mores, taught by Stephanie S. Morgan at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill in the Fall 2006 semester. Contested Texts/Contested Mores explores the elements and modes of fiction by investigating how “contest” defines how and what we “read.” Through an investigation of controversial texts such as racy novels, religious films, racially charged television shows, and violent video games, we will ask the following questions about fiction and readers:

What makes a text “fiction”? How and why do readers use fiction?
What makes a text controversial? Popular?
What about a text makes it compelling to readers despite/because of controversial content?
What do popular controversial texts tell us about our culture?

We will interrogate possible answers to these questions through digital documentaries produced by students in a computer-assisted classroom. These documentaries - along with student feedback - will be included in research on digital media and its use in English studies classroom.